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3rd Team Captain on 2021 season

2021 was a very successful season for our 3rd team, with Irfan Arshad's side claiming both the Whelan Cup and the Division 10 title.

The man himself has given us a few words about his team's performance this summer...

"When you have fun you truly have fun! As per my promise at the start of the season, I am not sure if the spectators were entertained while we were out there, I can surely say the team did indeed enjoy the season. The result of a team that supports each other always shows, first with the Whelan Cup and then the League.

"I would like to thank my team, as the lads really came together to help each other, celebrating other’s success and supporting each other in failure. The commitment towards training was seen every Wednesday, mostly thanks to Eddie Richardson’s focus towards the team and I thank him for that. I also thank the 4th and the 5th team for their support during our training sessions and also stepping up to help at the matches with their performances. During training, I understand how annoying it is missing out on the sunshine during the nets sessions while our opening pair hog up most of the early sessions, and our success isn’t possible without the sacrifice and support from the junior teams.

"A few names like Zia Mohyuddin, Ravi Chellagurki, Rohit Singh, Salman Khan, Kashif Butt and Paddy Mann who helped us out at the times when some of the 3rd team lads were busy with life. A special thanks to Srijan Yerramsetti for his excellent contribution with the ball, putting pressure on the opposition and taking 7 wickets for the 3rds at a jealous economy of 4.10!

"I thank Kegan Laing and Usman Azhar from the 2nds for stepping down to the 3rds to help us in our campaign. A special thanks Mudassar Zahid for helping out his old team in some sticky situations!

"During the season we’ve not only secured 2 massive wins, we’ve also been overjoyed by the new arrivals for Stephen Mooney with young Reme Mooney and Asad Ali with young, young Orhan Ali!

"Finally my team and I thank the Club for the facilities and special thanks to Joey Mooney and all volunteers. We are all looking forward to the winter sessions to start working on our campaign next year."

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