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3rd Team Season Preview

The 3rd team have wintered well and are back on the scene with Irfan Arshad as captain! Here are a few words from the returning captain.

“We’ve all had a year what with people stuck behind desks and behind doors, so it is simply delightful to be back on the field with a promise of double bubble season (T20 and League).

“The squad is made of some old reliables like Asad Ali, Sandy Sood, Rob O’Byrne, Ciaran Morrison, Steven Mooney, Usman Azhar and Kashif Qazi. I am also delighted to have Rehan Ali and Tariq Qadri to beef up our attack.

“Last year was disappointing but has offered some great by-products in form of player growth. Over the years it was simply thrilling to see young guns like Ben McBride, John Devane, Keegan Laing and Ciaran Sheridan move on to higher teams and recently Muddasar Zahid move on to the 2nd team. It makes me feel great to see that the 3rds have made a contribution towards the top teams.

"I also take great pleasure in seeing Zia Mohyuddin step into a leadership role for the 4th team, I am sure he will lead them well.

“My team and I are looking forward to this season and promise entertainment for the spectators both home and away!”

The 3rd team won their first game of the season against Phoenix on Monday, and will continue their Whelan Cup campaign with a visit from Malahide this Saturday.

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