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4th Team Season Preview

Our 4ths XI have been given a little bump up after many new entrants and the organic talent from previous years, one such talent is our very own Zia Mohyuddin who will captain the 4ths this year. This is his first year as a captain and has over the years learnt his previous Captains, the likes of James Mooney, Foram Mehta, John Andrews and indeed 3rds skipper Irfan Arshad. Here are a few words from Zia on the upcoming season.

"At first, I am delighted to be given this leadership opportunity and look forward to walking the path of my predecessors, ones I have learnt so much from.

"I am lucky to have had such a wonderful club to call home and enjoy my cricket and grow as an individual. Just like my predecessors, I enjoy watching young lads grow up to be fine individuals, so with that I look forward to guiding young talent to higher teams and offer a platform to contribute to the team’s success. I will have Srijan Yerramsetti, Rohit Singh and Ryan Graham from last year to show us older lads how to do it! The door for the 4th team is there for the young lads from the 5th team to break downif they are contributing to their team.

"I will have Paddy Mann and Paras Goel continuing from last year and some brilliant new adults such as Anubhav Dutta, Asad Arshad, Salman Khan, Ravi Chellagurki and behind the stumps Srinivas Venkatesh to support the team.

"The promise from me and my team is to offer room for each other to shine, enjoy each other’s success and offer a helping hand in times of trouble."

The 4th team kick off their Junior Cup campaign this Sunday with a trip to Kenure to play Rush.

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