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Upcoming Vacancies on Executive Committee

After 9 years & 4 years respectively in their roles, both Mick Sludds & Paula Hickey are stepping down from their roles on our executive committee at next month's AGM.

We would like to express our immense gratitude to both for their tremendous work and commitment to our club in this time, in which they served with such devotion and we wish them the best in the future.

We therefore have the following important roles to be filled at our club AGM on November 29th :

Club Treasurer

Club Secretary

Centre Administrator

The new position of Centre Administrator was previously managed by the Treasurer but due to increasing administration has become a role in itself and so we have made this a separate role this year, conscious that all roles are voluntary and members have regular jobs and families to attend to also. The role involves managing administration of the Indoor Hall & Function Room (bookings, oversight of opening and closing, payments, etc.) and also some general building maintenance work oversight (hall cleaning, biocycle, alarms, heating, etc.)

We encourage all members to actively participate in your club and have your say in its running and its future, and what better way than to volunteer on the committee.

If you are interested in any of these positions or to volunteer as a regular committee member please contact any committee member or your captain who can direct you to further information should you need it.

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